What. A. Day. this was! I had woken up early that Saturday morning to


get a headstart on preparing things for Brittney and Kenny's engagements.


I was in a hurry so I raced out to my car to drive over to Trophy Cupcake


where I knew I could get my hands on a few of their red velvets to add just


a few details to their vintage shoot. I got the cupcakes but didn't realize


that the right side of my car was in absolute shreds. At first I didn't understand


what had happened, did I side swipe the car next to me in the parking lot? No.


There was no way someone could hit me that hard by parking.  Turns out a drunk


driver decided to hit SIX cars on our street and he was caught. Sure, it's stressful


having to deal with insurance (which he did not have) but God came into the


situation by teaching me immediate forgiveness. I'm just so glad no one was hurt.



Anywho. No way would it stop me from meeting up with Kenny and Brittney!


I borrowed a friend's car, picked up Kip Beelman and we took the ferry over to


Kingston where we drove into Port Gamble. This town was amazing. There was


a house there that I just had to shoot inside, but alas, it was locked. Brittney


had discussed with me that she wanted a more vintage feel to her photos, so


I was so pleased when she came out in her fantastic 40's edgy outfits. Not


only that, but her uncle brought over his Chevy Bel-Air to get a few shots in


as well.  It was a beautiful day and a great first time to Kingston.


I am so looking forward to Kenny and Britney's vintage backyard wedding


this summer! You may just be seeing these two on the blog for another


engagement session ;)  Thanks Kip Beelman for being my wingman!




Port Gamble, Kingston, WA