I met Darin and Sarah last fall at a Tully's. I had actually walked right past Darin on my way in and left



him sitting outside for a good 10 minutes before I realized it was actually him. Sarah arrived just moments



later and we must have gabbed and laughed for a good hour. Sarah went on to explain how nervous he



was to ask her dad's permission while Darin straightened up his posture and acted like it was nothing. Fast



forward to March and Sarah's decorated wedding notebook was put to great use. I walked into the Bridal



Suite at Newcastle Golf Club to find all of Sarah's bridesmaids (in their necklaces Sarah made for them out



of vintage brooches) primping themselves and her. Not only that, but Sarah had quite the styling team



gussying her up from Sorella Salon. Lucky girl.





When Sarah walked out to greet Darin for the first time, he was nervously fiddling with his cuff links. The



first words out of his mouth were "Sarah , I hear you're looking mighty exquisite today " (or something



along those lines :) ). "Turn around." , she said. And then the tears came.





The day went on without a hitch, Sarah and her Dad walked down the aisle promising not to cry, but I



think they failed. The reception was held at Newcastle Golf Club and included a brunch of french toast,



eggs, bagels and fruit and centerpieces of mixed white flowers and vintage vases.





Sarah and Darin, I really, truly love the two of you and I'm so excited to see what's in store for you.



Thanks for letting me be a part of your memorable day. Congratulations you old farts!






Thanks so much to Julie Harmsen. Her detail shots are scattered throughout this post.




Flowers: Devon Vogel, Ballard QFC Flora


Tux/Suits: Mens wear house (darin), the guys wore Express shirt/tie and mens wear house pants


Dress: I Do Bridal, Wallingford


Shoes: Nordstrom


Cake: Lori Dilio


Invites/Programs: Aimee Heffernan and her husband Scott


Rings: Nique, Bellevue 


DJ: Emerald City Productions




Newcastle Golf Club


Bellevue, WA