Jeramie, Bethany and their little muffin, Evey

I had the incredible honor of photographing Bethany and Jeramie's darling family of Shoda Photography.



I had a lot of plans mapped out for their session and I'm just so grateful they didn't get aggravated with



all the different location ideas I kept throwing in their faces :).




As if Evey's skinny jeans, high pitched squeals and peach fuzz wasn't enough, Bethany and Jeramie decided



I needed to have tickets to see Beach House that following Monday. Tickets of which the show was out of by



the time I got around to purchasing.  I think I could have died and gone to heaven. Uhm, if you haven't heard



of Beach House, shame on you. They're new album is super fly, but their self-titled will always have my heart.




Check out Jeramie and Bethany's incredible blog! There's a ton of eye candy on there.





Also, I think they really love Evey because I asked Jeramie if I could have her and he said no... :(



UW Arboretum


Seattle, WA