"Do you like video games?" That's all Ryan had said and all it took for Tiia to be smitten. Fast foward a few


years and Ryan's New Year's resolution is to spend the rest of his life with her. She obliges. We take photos.I


asked Tiia what made her fall in love with Ryan and "besides his poor choice in pick up lines, his gift of dance


and plethora of knowledge about technology, [she]  fell in love with Ryan because of his passion for


everything and everyone in his life—his family, friends, you name it. He was spontaneous and goofy. Add his


charming good looks, a little bit of awkwardness, his contagious laugh and [she] knew he was perfect. It only


took a week to say, “I love you” and four years later, [she's] falling in love with him more everyday".



These two are an amazing pair of individuals. Tiia is finally finishing school and has been offered an amazing


job. Ryan is on a world tour dancing with Whitney Houston. I am such a bragger :)



Congratulations you two!



Downtown Seattle, WA


Thank Kate Ford for tagging along!