I love love.

A chunk of what I appreciate about my job as a couple photographer is getting to see how people love each other.


When I went to Montana several weeks ago I photographed 4 couples in just a few days and witnessed in full

light just how different a man and woman in love are compared to another.


What boggles my mind is how this universal love is expressed in different ways. It's the same love. But it is

handed to another person through compliments, slaps, subtle words, holding the door open, sarcasm,

generosity and just being gentle. I can see it in the way he looks at her- knowing full well he's waited his entire

life to just touch her. I see it in the way that she's confident he'll make her laugh. For another couple, I see he is

enthralled in her silliness, at her ability to laugh at herself. As she speaks I know he's trying to listen but he is

drowning in his questions as to how he ended up with someone so perfectly matched for him. I know it's there

when she brings out the best in him and elevates his talents and gifts. 


Some couples just need to be quiet... to rest in each other. To patiently wait for their turn to speak. Some couples

compete. Some are just comfortable. Some just can't keep their hands off each other.


I think that I need to remind myself it's not always about composition and posing and trying to maximize a shot or

how to do something better (even though these are all great things that help us grow), but instead capturing a

couple's raw love and how they give it to each other. Because it's all different and it's all beautiful.


Love is good and I love it.



Scott + Rachael:



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Kalispell, MT