Ocean Shores

I went to Ocean Shores for a day.


I found beauty in the way the wind tangled my split end hair and how the sand stuck to my knobby knees. The sun

hit my scarred nose that I wish was normal.


A girl got tangled up in her kite , Ashley searched for beach prizes and Claire ran into the ocean. I followed her in

but wussed out when I realized how cold the water was. A boy hit the sand with a stick as his mom yelled at him in

a foreign language.


We drove back and I stuck my hand out the window and let the rush of air move my fingers as I tried to sing the

words I knew to the songs of Dr. Dog.


We found a trail halfway back to Olympia. Walking through fields, trees and swamps we hoped to find the river we

saw from the highway. I may have swallowed a bug and the smell of damp air lingered over the mud we stepped in.

It caked the bottoms and sides of my favorite boots and I thought about who I am.


I make mistakes every day. I don't always hold up my side of the friendship. My communication is sometimes off. I

am a workaholic. I am sarcastic - which can either offend or loosen someone up. I don't relate well with other's

emotions but I know how to encourage. I get my hopes up. I like to be alone- but not lonely. It's hard for me to get

my words right.


I am independent. I am quick to forgive. I can take care of myself. I know what it means to sacrifice. I know what I

deserve. I love to make people laugh.  Despite my features that I deem less than perfect, my Creator finds them

exquisite. To Him, I am beautiful. From my horrible posture right down to my dry sense of humor.


More importantly, I am chosen. I am redeemed. I am forgiven. I am made whole. I am unique. I am worthy. I am

pursued. And I am loved. Oh my lans, I am loved.


I drove home and saw all the lies that said I'd never be pretty, skinny, smart or talented enough begin to fade away.

I nodded and told myself I should go to Ocean Shores more often.




Olympia, Aberdeen and Ocean Shores, WA