So lovely.

My elbow hit a folder and these prints ended up at my feet. I had been searching and searching through files

of negatives in cardboard boxes. Blacks replacing highlights, whites replacing shadows. My great aunt, Yvonne,

lugged around a 35mm SLR and Kodak film for half of her lifetime, and now her work is in our home. While

most of her film was spent on Alaskan natives scaling fish and landscapes of Sitka, an occasional portrait was

found. I don't know what their names are (or when men stopped wearing silk robes) but I can see love. It's not

through posing or props or post processing.  This was not blogged 50 years ago, it was not shot to be put in

online bridal magazines, but it was probably captured to place in the couple's home. There's interaction,

conversation and beauty in its simplicity. I am so incredibly inspired. 


Oh... and hello, handsome.


I also found these... I wish I knew where the rest of the sets were.




All photos belong to Yvonne Mozee.