My palms are dry in 26B as we land on the tarmac in Seattle after another out of town

wedding weekend. I've now gotten used to the turbulence that once caused me to be short

of breath and had my hand waving for any sort of alcoholic beverage that would alleviate the

fear of crashing into the rugged, hard earth. I feel I have now conquered the blue skies and

sometimes childishly wish I had wings pinned to my sweater to show off my



We taxi to the gate and I reflect back on the day before. The series of hustled events and

the moments of calm solitude as the bride and groom rest in broken anticipation and I sit in

how grateful I am that their story brings me from my home to theirs. My mild social

anxiousness is slowly demolished with each wedding as I cross paths with more and more

amazingly inspirational people. This job changes me. This job gives me confidence and

renewal and allows me to see the world and the people in it. It lets me feel trusted, to be

the one to pull the newlyweds from the chaos and enjoy one another, to be reminded of so

much beauty past the details and to rebuild, renew and resee how people express love. I

stand in front of carousel number seven to reclaim my bag of lighstands and feel my cheeks

warm as my eyes water in response to another glorious weekend abroad.


I am so lucky.



Brittland Manor

Chestertown, Maryland