O+R in New Zealand | Rest

Because of these two, I experienced rest for the first time in a year. They brought me to their home, shared

their lives and allowed me and my new husband to create new memories. I'm a woman of few words... I know

that by the time I share this full adventure I may have beautifully constructed sentences that provide enough

of a visual to help you feel full and nourished. For now, I share one at a time. It helps me to take in each sliver

of a second that I got to spend with these two and what their sweet gestures and giving hospitality allowed for

Michael and I to understand that rest is to set time apart and to know that what surrounds you, exists. 


With the rush of wedding season and the mix of individuals becoming powerful units, it can be hard to sit and

take in each moment. You must be on guard at all times, prepared mathematically and compositionally for each

transfer of emotion and event.  After their wedding feast, we walked down a driveway behind the venue, paralleled

by sulphuric steam being released from the dirt and through a cemetery of tombs, only to be led to a patch of

rock with the last remnants of a sunset and a curious goose. And in the 4 minutes we spent here while their

party continued up the hill, their hands locked in reposed safety of their new marriage and our minds calmed and

we were shown rest.


Rotorua, New Zealand