Sam + Erin | Outdoor Line Dance Hall Wedding

The day before...



The wedding day.




A wedding held in an old line dancing barn in the mountains of northern Spokane.

On Friday evening, before their rehearsal dinner, I showed up at Sam and Erin's wedding venue to scout

out the area to be prepared for the next day. I ended up walking in on their actual rehearsal and sat

on the sidelines to be able to say hello before everyone dispersed. 


Erin and Sam walked up to me, clasped my hand and said "After all this time, you're here, we feel

you were always supposed to be here." And so the weekend began. I was invited into moments that

I've never been invited into before. I was treated like a friend, not a vendor. I was welcomed, hugged

goodbye and approached so many times after the weekend with warm and encouraging words. 


Sam and Erin, thank you. I wish we weren't states away.


Check out their super8 video: 


Spokane, WA

Mitcham's Barn