Kelsey, Chase + Ender | Backyard Maryland Wedding

Kelsey and Chase met each other at BWI airport in Baltimore after a friend nudged Chase to approach Kelsey in the

terminal. "If you don't take chances, you'll never know what happens " she said, and with that he walked up to her, 

said "if you don't 'take chances, you'll never know what happens" and walked away. They ended up sitting next to each

other on the flight, fell in love and learned to trust each other. When Kelsey contacted me with the hopes to shoot

their wedding at her grandparents' house she declared, "if you don't take chances, you never know what happens".

And with that, I flew to Maryland and photographed a wonderful story. 



I received a letter from Kelsey after the wedding, and wanted to share her lovely words:


"Kristen- There will be a much deserved gift to follow, but I wanted to write you and

let you know how appreciated you are. When we look back on our wedding, you won't

be remembered as just our photographer but as our friend. It's easy to get caught up

in creating memories via film v.s. experiences captured by it. You helped me not to focus

on posing but on living. I'm grateful that I get to look back at photos that epitomize everyone

there. I want to thank you for being an encouragement to my family and I. It was

refreshing meeting someone so selfless and giving. I hope we can continue to talk, you are

inspiring... your generosity has been life altering, I hope you know that."


Private Residence

Annapolis, MD