the approach of september

Sleepless nights, fatigue, long to-do lists. September always comes around and sometimes with the feeling of defeat.

I fall asleep most nights with a plan for the next day... What will I get done? What can I accomplish? Who can I please?

Fortunately, my work comes in beautiful, forceful waves. Weddings happen around good weather here in Seattle, as

they should, because the rain here likes to burst in through the door like a crying five year old come Labor Day. It's

messy. It's rare that I get to take a summer day to myself, to sit in the sun, allow rest and enjoy the heat that Seattle

gets 2 months out of the year. I may photograph on the weekends, but Monday through Friday is held for time spent in

front of the computer, carefully and meticulously choosing and creating a final product of images. Meetings, e-mails,

print orders, album designs, business errands. It takes up a lot of time and I get tired and my eyes begin to get heavy.

But then, Friday comes and I can feel the heat of energy move from my feet to my head. I am inspired again, I am ready

again, I am creative again. And I walk out the door, get in my car and drive to celebrate and document another fantastic

couple who will join in a union so special that their friends and family will jump for joy and cry and express their contained

joy in their own way. And I get to take photos of those beautiful, poetic moments. 


I am thumbing through the photos of Sam and Erin's rehearsal dinner at Erin's family cabin on the lake in Spokane and

am brought back to the moments where I captured them basking in the sun and allowing the cool lake water to calm them

after the sun disappeared. I didn't participate, but I was involved in a different way. Through nostalgia and frozen imagery.

Inside the cabin, the last portions of a tired sun poured through the windows and hit the pillows where they'd rest their heads

and the blankets that they would use to wrap themselves while they shared stories of Sam and Erin and found tranquility on

the couch.


And after another 70 hour work week, I see these images and feel rest and the notion that Friday is coming and I am

inspired yet again.