I keep sitting down to write something about this day and either my mind is cloudy because there are too many words or I just haven't had a split moment of quiet to be able to rest in those words and figure out the best way to articulate it. Part of me wants to say let the photos do the talking but to do it justly would be to simply say the love in these images does not even begin to match up against the love Amber and Luke exude and the love that envelopes them. 

So kind. So nurturing. So warm and enthusastic. So approachable. So necessary. 

Take two of the most well-rounded, life loving indivuals and surround them with the love they reach for most. Love of their family, love of music, love of each other, love of the song in nature and love of comfort. 

The day flowed melodiously. Fog rolled in, tears were cried, good food was shared, rain fell, porpoises came up for air, a sundog presented itself and the fog came back over the water to put the day to sleep. 

I don't know what else to say. Thank you, Amber and Luke. I wasn't expecting your initial e-mail several months ago to find out if this collaboration would even happen... there are far too many greats out there who would have documented it in their own way but in my own selfishness, I'm so glad you chose me to document it. But you didn't even let me just document it..  you pulled a seat out at the table... Told me to "feel present" and allowed me to celebrate alongside you. I love you both very much. 

Amber and Luke are so talented. Do take the time to fawn over their work. 

As a technical sidenote, I ended up doing all day coverage for their wedding and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be able to come in during the early stages of the getting ready process and document everything that was happening around them. Not only that, but Amber and Luke got to spend almost 2 hours doing portraits with me. I hope it comes through that that portrait time was better served as alone time (with me as a third wheel, of course!) for the two of them on their day. Time for exploration, drinks, quality time and rest. Not just smiling at a camera. I would love to continue this for future weddings. 





Olga, WA