the morning ames came by - a birth story.

October 5th, 2013 had been suprisingly warm and completely clear, unexpected for Seattle. I had been wrapping up wedding coverage close to midnight in Columbia City when Kelly had sent me a message letting me know her contractions had started. Knowing there'd still be time (and with her ruthless convincing ;) ), I went back home to unpack and repack, shower and wait to for the go ahead to get back in the car back towards Columbia City. Rhett called shortly after 1:00 AM, informing me Kelly was pushing and you wouldn't believe how quickly I could put my shoes on and get in the car. 

When I'd arrived, Kelly had already passed the first stage of labor and I walked into their home with Kelly ready to deliver. The next few hours changed my life. I'd never witnessed something so empowering, so beautiful and so comfortable at the same time. Ames arrived just after 4 am, whimpering, loved, with every noise and action he gave off met with laughter and joy.  I sat on the nightstand and watched as they got to know a new being. They were bewildered that they could even create something so flawless, untouched and refined. But they were two wondeful people who created a wonderful person. I was present and yet a quiet witness as they let life buzz around the three of them. They were paused in a moment of something they couldn't articulate.  Around 6am, I knew it was time to go and let them have their time alone. I headed back to Seattle but stopped at the only diner open in Belltown. As I sat there looking at my eggs, I couldn't believe how wired I was and what I'd just witnessed. Life. I looked around and wondered if any of the folks at the bar who were still up from the night before would ever understand what I was feeling. I hoped so.

It reignited a long since dwindled flame in my heart for the nursing education that had been put on hold to fulfill a business choice in photography. I so desperately wanted to work within Labor & Delivery. When the waitress brought me my check and asked why I had luggage, I enthusiastically exclaimed "Oh, those are cameras. I just photographed an incredible birth". She paused with an eyebrow raise, my plate of half eaten hashbrowns in her hand and to be kind said "...oh! Well, thanks for coming by this morning". Thanks for coming by this morning, Ames.