Kate and Adam's Travels in Rome


November was quite the busy one for me, but I am definitely not complaining. Phil Chester, Amanda Rose and I were planned to teach a workshop in Italy but when I heard Kate and Adam were going to be there at the same time, we coordinated our schedules to share a cheese plate, wine and roam around the Trastevere neighborhood. I landed in Rome mid morning, waited for a rental car and then drove it straight to Trastevere, not know just how insane the driving in Rome is. I managed to weave through four lanes of traffic that was supposed to just be just two lanes, and follow along with the aggressive lane changes without a scratch only to find a parking spot and run to Kate and Adam in record timing. It truly felt like The Amazing Race.

Since we only had so much time for daylight, we ran around the neighborhood, tracing the cobble stone streets, getting lost in the alleyways and climbing stairs for a view of the city. Most of all, I learned more about their first year of marriage. I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

Thanks so much for the wine, cheese, coffee and walks, Kate and Adam!