A Pacific Northwest Forest Elopement and reception at home | Homestead Seattle

Aside from an editorial shoot, I wanted to create an elopement that was based around the realistic and achievable aspect of weddings. I wanted friends supporting them in their marriage, offering up labors of love and taking part in the day... a friend will make a cake, another friend will make a meal, , another friend will marry them, another friend will be creating some arrangement that look like they were picked from the backyard that day. I wanted comfort, some good taste and overall, realistic plannings and decisions that are all coming together to hold a couple accountable and in celebration with their marriage. I loved the idea of first coming together in community and enjoying a meal before getting married. Usually wedding ceremonies can feel so out of place for guests because they don't all know each other or are more transfixed on the bar opening. Sharing a meal before getting married is that perfect balance of comfort and getting to know others before coming together in support of the ceremony. Homestead Seattle allowed the perfect set up for getting ready, portraits and a meal with friends before venturing out into the Seattle woods and getting married. I also wanted to see a bridesmaid in a suit!

 It was a lot of hard work and interwoven ideas into one vision that was executed so well by such talented individuals. I was so fortunate to have my first planned out editorial shoot run as smoothly and beautifully as it did. Thank you for all the wonderful help, friends! 


Huge thanks to: 

Getting Ready, Portraits, Dinner Scene: Ryan & Michele Tansey, Homestead Seattle 

Florals: Rachel Bowes, Finch & Thistle 

Decor: Frances Lane San Francisco, ABC Rentals

Paper Goods & Calligraphy: La Happy 

Attire: The Dress Theory (Houghton and Rue de Seine) Suit styling from Ryan Ward

Leather Goods: Westward Leather 

Ties: Gold Coast Goods, Samantha Baker

Hair & Make Up: Shyn Midili 

Cakes: Karen LoNardo for Finn's Bakery 

Models:  Stefanie Konarska, Pat Konarska, Ian Bruce, Eleanor LoNardo, Riley McCormick, Ben Fife

Consultant:  Eleanor Lonardo  

Assistants: Michael Parker, Tyler Ray