kelsey & david | the big four ice caves

There are so many photos to be shared and I'm not even sorry. 

I rushed home after Yeah Field Trip to get back in time to photograph Kelsey and David who flew up from California to share a day with me for some pre-wedding photos. I was really grateful for the back to back scheduling because I was offered an incredible opportunity to apply what I had learned over the weekend but all I could mull over was how serendipitous it was that I could join these two in an emotional journey after the talk I gave at Field Trip and only reinstated how important it is to practice what we preach. 

We stopped for Nepalese food and then drove to the Ice Caves where we pranced around for a few hours, then swooped back to Seattle to grab my husband so we could share one last meal. All the while, diving into what's made our relationship work and what hasn't. And it's what we needed and wanted to do. 

After such a wonderful weekend, I'm so grateful for the new relationships and vulnerability that was shared. Thanks to everyone who came up to say hi, who just let me dance by myself or felt safe to share some brave stories.



See you in October, K&D!