alycia & evan | portraits on the washington coast

alycia and evan reached out to me early last year to document them during this time in their marriage. so much emphasis in this industry gets placed on documenting couples in the beginning stages of something new and little is placed on celebrating what they've been through after the fact. we had been set to do their session at the end of october down on the coast and then alycia called me in a moment of defeat to put the session off because of another trial they were facing. In the last 5 months, these two have been through more than most but in mid march they hopped in their car, drove 10 hours and met me near the ocean. 

in the end, i wouldn't have had it any other way. had i photographed them during that point in their relationship last october, it almost would have felt like there was something missing from the photos. because the strength made from their hardships and trials and hurt knees and broken down cars wouldn't have added an extra layer to who they are now, 5 months later. let's celebrate the hard, difficult, "we shouldn't talk about this" kind of stuff because placing importance on what keeps couples together and fighting for each other refines and stands above all else.

we spent the afternoon enjoying each others company, sharing stories, eating burgers and not having too much of a plan except for knowing we'd want the photos at these particular locations. alycia and evan even took the time to scout the beach scene but where we ended up was off a path we weren't planning to take. it all just came together. it was so good.

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