Megan + Brendan | Anniversary on the Oregon Coast


I met with Megan and Brendan at one of the only open restaurants in Florence, Oregon. I sat at the table for a few minutes really antsy to see them both, as I hadn't seen Megan and Brendan together as a couple yet. They came bouncing in, Megan with curlers in her hair, genuine excitement to know those around her and Brendan with the kindest smile and listening ear. 

We hopped in the car as we made our way up north along the Oregon Coast and stopping where we saw fit, all the while sharing stories. I wanted this time to feel special and set apart for the two of them as they approached another year in their marriage, another chunk of accomplished time, growth and change. Both of them so different and yet so complimentary. The more I heard from them, the more I saw just what complimentary means between two people and the more time I realized how some aspects of their relationship that reflected my marriage. 

Deepened relationships are funny. They're an incredible thing, believe me, but they also like to tell you more about yourself. The bad stuff. The uncomfortable stuff, the 'shove it under a rug and try not to think about it' stuff. The stuff that eats at you and lies to you, telling you you're inadequate to your partner. But then this other person is so constant, so giving, so calming and reassuring and brushing those specks of flaws and undesirable traits that you are realizing have always been there within you and tells you those things are beautiful, seamless, refined. That those parts you don't like about yourself are what they are drawn to and need. That they feel full and content because of you. And they grab your hand and tell you to run with them along the beach and within that moment, that cloudiness fades and you both feel free and full, content and equal.  You're equals. You're love.

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