A night at a Costa Rican carnival


In mid February, we were asked if we wanted to visit Fiesta Civicas de Cobano on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. We arrived to have two cans of Costa Rican beer shoved into our hands while we stood beneath a tent converted to a desolate dance floor. LED lights flashed in our eyes while the locals worked on getting tipsy enough to get on the dance floor. We tried to join. 

We head inside the event center to see sabaneros mastering bull riding with 50 something drunk locals and confident tourists around the rim of the arena, dodging the bull headed down their path by climbing the railing. In the time that we watched, two individuals weren't as fast. One paralyzed, the other knocked unconscious (who strutted back in 30 minutes later acting as if his ribs weren't as bruised as they were). 

Young boys secretly share and pass a beer. Viewers woop and cheer as the bull strikes those who are too slow to escape it. We eat at the only food stand with a fridge. 

This. This was the best night of our trip.