English moody wedding at Port Eliot estate and coast in Cornwall


From Amanda:

There isn’t, arguably, a more magical place in the world than the english countryside of Cornwall, surrounded by the Celtic Sea. At it’s heart, set on the River Tiddy and in the small and historic village town of St Germans, lies the stately home and wedding venue, Port Eliot. The Port Eliot estate, home to the aristocratic Eliot family since the 16th Century, includes 6,000 acres of breathtaking scenery. 

Our shoot inspiration came not only from the estate but from the spirit of the land with it’s moody autumn fog and endless green pastures. We wanted to capture the contrasts and rawness of the season while staying true to the richness of the landscapes deep and hushed hues. It was important for the design to reflect a modern, yet genuine wedding of a current bride in a historical setting, so rather than creating a ‘mood board’ to determine the design, we relied on the story that developed through the relationships we formed locally: We were incredibly fortunate to work with a talented local florist, Becca at The Garden Gate Flower Company, who not only designed our arrangements but provided the florals and foliage grown on her farm. And then we met Emily, our model and our ‘bride’, who embodied the vulnerability and grace that only an heir to a great estate can. It was as if modern-day Downton Abbey had manifested when Emily wore the Claire Pettibone gown generously provided by the area’s very special boutique, The Bridal House of Cornwall.

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