sundance utah elopement | Mekel and Chris


"Just us. Just quiet. We just want us. Us and the yellow leaves of the Aspens". They said into my ear over a quick phone call last summer. "Of course", I said, "You have to create something your own and I believe in this. See you in October". 

I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah,  drove to Sundance and opened the hotel room door to find Mekel sitting near the window and Chris coming in and out of the room. They were nervous, they were excited.

"The leaves...They're almost gone", Mekel sighed.

So we drove. We drove up the mountain, hoping the elevation would provide more Aspens that still had a tight grasp on the warm season, not succumbing to the cold and the release of its foliage. We parked and hiked a mile in, hoping that the depth of the woods and the distance from the road would provide a yellow hammock to sway in and envelope their vows. We could see them from the base of the mountain. We knew the were there.

And as the trail broke and we saw a cluster of yellow, Chris and Mekel started to run. They found their October grove.

They just wanted to be married. It was quiet and it was them. They just wanted 'them'.

This elopement took place during a turning season. There was reflection on my business, as it was my first completed year where I wasn't feeling totally and utterly depleted. I had relearned some new business and office tactics and gained my life back. I actually had time to reflect and sit on what I wanted out of what I do. I want quiet moments. I want clients to just want 'them'. There was a lot of inward growth because I finally had the time to live again.

I've been talking with my dear friend, CARLY BISH, about this a lot. Having time for growth and reflection. Time for change and time for renewal. As the last of those Aspen leaves fell, I was breathing, and when they'd come back as green in the Spring, there would be inward change and readiness for the next cycle. We decided we wanted to talk more about this and to have that conversation with others who are running their own photography businesses.... a conversation on how to manage it all in the changing seasons. We'll be holding two workshops, one for Spring and one for Fall. One for renewal, one for reflection. We've decided to name it Vine and Flourish and will be holding it in our home city of Seattle. COME SEE WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.