The Branch Family | An In-Home LA Family Session


One of my most unfortunate and complicated flaws is that my memory continues to fail me. I forget how and where I met people for the first time, sometimes what day it is (although I think that's a battle every self-employed person fights!), etc.  It's gotten me into trouble with face recognition, getting to appointments a day or two too early and recalling conversations in months or years passed. I do remember meeting Katie and Tyler for the first time. The setting was Las Vegas and more so a city that was easily accessible and affordable for a photographer's convention where none of us felt 100% comfortable. A small group of us made our way throughout the city as we collected and gathered more new friends, stopping along the way for conversation and got to know each other over our jobs as photographers. I remember being engaged to my husband at the time and planning for our wedding six months down the road. I saw a certain and distinct respect and admiration build for the two of them as a couple throughout the evening, that they were able to form a marriage based around their needs and wants and then envelope that in their business. That they did things together and not separately, that they'd been married for some time already, that their success meant something else.

As their lives grew and their family grew, I continued to get to see Katie and Tyler once or twice a year, but in the same setting... A gathering of photographers in SW US. These gatherings were our time to break from our businesses and we all felt like we had something behind us that brought us all together. In January, I finally met their two beautiful and bubbly children, Finn and Lucy, on a trip to Los Angeles. They welcomed me into their Orange home and I got to see Tyler and Katie as parents, a role that was bigger and brighter and grew my admiration and respect for them as a unit. I hope these photos show the amount of love Tyler and Katie have for Finn and Lucy and that it's reciprocated by their children ten fold.


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