Ash + Meg | Rainy Elopement in a Rainforest


I arrived early in the AM to Meg and Ash's Seattle apartment to find peace, calm and quiet. Their dog, Millie, could hardly keep her eyes open as a quiet bustle of movement danced around her. Once Meg and Ash had a moment to see each other in their wedding attire, I jumped into the car ahead of them and we made our way to the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Rain fell and fell hard in the hours it took to climb the highway south and then north. Armed and ready with umbrellas and long john's, Meg and Ash were without sighs or complaints. Even when their officiant couldn't make it past the snow to us and had to turn around, they trekked forward up the trail, ready to share their vows. Their audience was raindrops.

Upon sealing their ceremony and agreeing it was time to escape the rain forest, we found our way out near the water where the rain calmed. We warmed ourselves up with sips of whiskey and skipped up and down the beach, thrilled with the windless, dry air and that Ash finally had the chance to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

The drive home was long but dry and gave me time to think about moments and events like this that offer humility and contentment in the work I do. Just the three of us on the most important day they have seen so far in their relationship. What a gift.

PS. I am now officially ordained. So if you're worried you may not be able to make your ceremony legal, I've got ya.