Bri + Phil in their New Seattle Home | Featured in Catalyst Magazine


I had met Bri at a conference in California just a few months prior when she had sent me an e-mail that took me some hesitance to answer. When I finally did, I knew Bri could sense my nervousness. While I’d taken photos of a couple in an intimate setting once before, I wasn’t entirely sure I was equipped to do it again. My goal is to protect and respect a relationship and to never push a couple past a boundary that they weren’t intending to jump photographically. But Bri reassured me that this was what she wanted. Her husband had just taken a job in Seattle and they were practically alone in their community, all they have is each other in a new city. And they wanted that part of their relationship documented... that their passion, their chemistry and their needs and wants are only for each other.

I’ve kept most of this shoot under wraps. For some reason… I guess I was wanting to protect them or just wait for the right moment.  In this day and age battles continue to be fought and lines continue to be drawn in this war against race and color, and I guess I didn’t want to push them into enemy lines. So I kept these images quiet, not realizing that it’s simply not my story to tell. It’s Bri’s and Phil’s and they can mold their story into words more loud and clear than I possibly could.

I don't see myself taking photos like this for anyone else in this capacity. It feels like it fit right just for these two. This is for Bri and Phil and their love in desperate times and joyous times. I want the message of this imagery to be clear. This isn't just another "at intimate home session", it has to mean more. And it does. It's their defeats and their victories.

Catalyst Magazine so graciously and purposefully shared these images in their current issue along with Bri’s words and what the shoot brought to her and Phil’s marriage. Especially where they stand in such a pivotal time.

"Navigating love and race in a time when darkness is invading the light can be tricky, but don’t be discouraged. It really just takes embracing real love and walking in that love together. This couple’s boudoir session was one creative way of staying connected when outside forces were working to tear us apart. " - Bri Richards

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