Chris & Christina | Intimate Rooftop Brooklyn Wedding at the Wythe Hotel


I've had a habit of flying into NYC for jobs via a red eye... arriving at 7am the day before the wedding and rolling my luggage along Brooklyn sidewalks trying to find a cafe open to pass the time and commit to e-mails and editing. When I flew into New York for Chris and Christina's wedding, I rolled my luggage along wet sidewalks. It poured from 7am on Friday until 7am on Saturday. Then, on Saturday morning, the clouds broke and eased the nerves Chris and Christina were feeling... Worried that the rain would fall on their closest friends and family during their ceremony. The rain held off until dinner, where it then beat against the glass of the Wythe hotel and made the Manhattan skyline even more blue as dusk fell over the river. 

Rain seems to have had a big part in many of the events I've gotten to document over the last year. Maybe it's my Seattle blood flying from coast to coast, tethered to rain clouds wherever I go. It's appeared at nearly every shoot, every wedding. And while it did appear at Chris and Christina's, their family was huddled inside the warmth of a Wythe Hotel loft, sharing their favorite stories over dinner. 

Thank you to Chris and Christina who truly made me feel a part of the guest list. They were so giving with their verbal affirmation during and after the wedding, always an extra boost and confirmation that this is the job for me.