Well, well, well. It's official! I've launched 5 real, curated presets through DVLOP, an incredible company that is now also providing presets from Gabe Mcclintock, Jonas Peterson, Nessa Kessinger, Chrisman Studios and Jeff Newsom

What's amazing about these presets, besides my package offering FIVE of them, is the way these profiles are created. Get this, you'll be able to use one preset across all different types of camera bodies. No need to try and sync up your Canon body to your Nikon body and spend hours trying to adjust your sliders, these profiles will allow for even and similar tones across a multitude of cameras. This has saved me hours in Lightroom working through my Nikon files and second shooters' Canon and Sony files. Read more about how this works!

Not only that, but you'll be able to buy packages in bundles at a discounted price for every other photographer's package you add on. AND, you will also receive additional palettes and tool kits. Do you like Jonas Peterson's curves but prefer Jeff Newsom's tones? There's a setting for that. 

My package is $75 and you can read up a little bit more on it over on my DVLOP page. 




Now, how about a breakdown of the presets?



One of my favorite things to do is photograph long after the sun has gone down when the sky is a perfect blue and the light that falls across skin is creamy and dense. This look gives more of a magenta / blue hue to emphasize the dusk that falls over your landscape and lighting. 






A look that can be placed on nearly anything, this preset is meant to deepen your blacks, tone down your skin tones and foliage and provide a feel that is more cinematic like what you see in motion pictures. I use this look on everything from getting ready until end of the night. Since we do have a lot of of plants and trees and grass here in Seattle, I love having the look of the greens and yellows muted a tad to not take away from the subjects in the image.





Most of us get caught in a bit of midday light for photos so this preset handles bright sunlight, especially for those high sun ceremonies and portraits. Great for direct light, this preset smooths out skin, lowers the contrast between your shadows and highlights and takes care of your intense blue skies and reflective grass.




My go-to black and white. It’s been a struggle to perfect my black and white’s and this preset fits perfectly with all types of light, including open shade and window light. I love to use this one to emphasize a moment or movement as it highlights the brighter parts of the image in a very tasteful way. A favorite for portraits, tear drops, hands and in between moments.




My perfectly paired on camera flash preset. It levels out skin tones and matches my editing from the rest of the day as I transition from natural light to artificial light. If you’re shooting with an open shutter, it does bring down the skin tones to a creamier look while also allowing any streaks of colored light to come in with vibrancy. A consistent on camera flash editing solution. 

I am so proud to be offering these and look forward to seeing your images with a bit of the KMP touch and tone!