Lana + Zach | An Intimate and Industrial Tacoma Conservatory Wedding.


One thing that I've really started to love about wedding photography is the barriers and rules it breaks. Gone are the days of reserving a 150 person ballroom on a Saturday. Want a week day wedding? No problem. Overwhelmed by having the attention on you? Invite less than 50 people! Feeling too much pressure to have the camera on you at all times? Three hours of coverage is easy!

I have absolutely loved getting to spend a few hours with couples during their weekday weddings. There's an intimacy there that is truly lovely and one that I so enjoy getting to capture. Lana and Zach both work in the arts and decided to have their ceremony at W.W. Seymour Conservatory  in Tacoma followed by dinner at The Art House Cafe. 

After we officially moved into our home in February in Tacoma, I really started to explore our new town some more. We photographed down in the theater and brewery district, which after work hours was nearly empty for us. Thanks to Tree for allowing us to document in their warehouse! 

Lana is a creative who sewed her silk gown and runs Garden Stury. Florals by Sarah of Kyle & Co.