Caitlin & Thad | Anniversary Session in Nashville, TN


I met Caitlin & Thad of The September Company while getting the opportunity to speak at Forest & Falls just outside of Nashville, TN. One of the afternoons spent out on the campground was allotted for live shoot demonstrations by the teachers of Forest and Falls. I felt so fortunate that Caitlin and Thad walked over to me and said "we're your models! And by the way... we said we'd only do it if it could be for you". 

We spent the hour hanging out in the fallen leaves, dodging poison ivy and resting on a hammock. I'd never been to Tennessee until this trip and I can say it's truly everything I would have hoped Tennessee could offer. The rolling hills, shady trees and creeks and rivers reminded me of books I'd get lost in as a kid. I'd love to find my way back down to the South.