One on One Mentoring and Global Speaking Engagements


ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING | After 10 wedding seasons and well over 200 weddings, I've seen the in's and out's of the business and industry.


There's been some lows but mostly highs as I've learned to navigate decisions, skills and choices and ultimately learn more about my clients and what works with wedding photography. Since there are so many elements that create successful and fulfilling wedding photography business, it's best to break them down into different categories.

I'd love to answer your questions and refine some of your skill sets during a one on one mentoring time. Topics include business management, bookkeeping, managing expectations, pushing past creative plateaus, shooting and client interaction, culling, editing and online proofing/presentation.

 Programs include gmail, google docs and sheets, photo mechanic, lightroom and pic-time.

2 hour online sessions $750 | 2 hour in person meeting $825





What strategy has helped you the most in finding the clients who love your work and you love working with them?

What can I do differently starting tomorrow to make my presence on social media better?

What is the system of pricing that you’ve found effective? Do you have packages, a la carte, items, or all of the above? How do you lead someone through your pricing?

I struggle with being satisfied with my work and often feel reluctant to send sets. Is that something you’ve ever struggled with and how did you deal with that?

Forcing myself to edit when I’m feeling uninspired is definitely a struggle for me. How would you recommend working through that?


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I fell in love with Kristen’s teaching style years ago when I stumbled upon her class at a workshop I was attending. Her talk was absolutely the biggest game changer I’d ever experienced, both as a new business person and also as a creative. So when it came to the point in the rollercoaster of business where I was struggling all over again with feeling unsure and directionless, I looked no further than Kristen. She’s full of grace and humility and truly invested in her time with me. There wasn’t a question she made me feel uncomfortable asking. Of course, I appreciated that she was an open book. But more than that, I loved how fashioned our time was to exactly what I was walking through in my business and my creative journey. She’s a great listener and I felt that she really took the time to hear where I was at and meet me there. We immediately got to the heart of what I wanted to learn about and grow in. I left feeling encouraged, affirmed and challenged with a clear direction on where I want to take my business. I couldn’t ask for anything more!! Kristen is a gem. She’s truly a joy to spend time with and learn from.

-Courtney Paige



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the awesome info you shared with us during your master class. I learned more in 8 hrs than I have in the 2ish years that I've been shooting.  I've also cut my editing workflow in HALF because of the tools you showed us.  Im finding ways to create more movement so their natural selves will come out. Seriously, I could keep going so I cannot thank you enough for sharing all your experience and knowledge. It probably would have taken me years and years to figure this all out and instead you just laid it all out for us.

- Liz Stapleton


I just wanted to thank you for such a great class. It was so informative & I really enjoyed learning about your process. I think the one thing that hit me the hardest was client care. I think I have been lacking & haven't been going that extra mile enough - I definitely will be thinking about others more & putting more heart into my relationship with my clients.

-  Jayme Lang



The generosity that Kristen showed during the session was so refreshing. Photographers with her success and skill are known to be very close to the chest with how they run their business and their approach. She was someone whose work I've admired for a long time and was excited to learn from her. After our session i was inspired to improve on certain parts of my business, and also double down on my strengths. She challenged me to refined my portfolio to 20 images and also be more specific with my messaging. Once I implemented those changes, the brides that approached me and hired me were the ones who loved me for my work. I'm fully booked for 2018 and looking forward to continue improving my business for the next wedding season.

- Minnow Park

The first time I laid eyes on Kristen's work was in 2013, it was an image of a bride who was standing in a field encompassed by fog as the wind caught her dress. At the time I wasn't a wedding photographer nor did I realize that wedding photography could be so natural, but after going through quite a few of Kristen's galleries and seeing the candid nature in which she shot and the way the simplicity in her compositions spoke so strongly I couldn't help but feel inspired. Kristen quickly became a favorite photographer of mine and when I finally started taking on weddings I knew the one person I would want a mentorship from would be the woman who initially showed me that art and love can coincide within a wedding day.

For my mentorship I flew up to Seattle for a one on one meeting, and while I was nervous and sure that I had no idea which question was the right one to ask, everything seemed to fall into place once she arrived. We ate a delicious breakfast and talked about her methods when interacting with clients, booking, pricing, portfolio review and editing - and even when our time was up Kristen didn't rush me out of the restaurant or make me feel as though I was now a burden to her time, rather, she took the time to finish our conversation, answer my remaining questions and make me feel as though she valued me as an individual.

After I arrived back home to New Orleans I was so excited to put into practice what I had learned from Kristen, specifically from the client interaction aspect, I was blown away how the things she shared with me completely changed the dynamic of my engagement sessions and allowed my clients and me to get straight into shooting in a comfortable, easy-going setting. Leaving my mentorship with Kristen left me with the tools necessary to move forward in the areas of my business I previously felt unsure of and provided feelings of affirmation that I was taking the steps I should be taking at this point in my career.

Kristen was the first and only one on one mentorship I've had, so I can't compare my time with her to that of anyone else - nor do I think I should, but in an industry where likes and follows dominate sincerity and authenticity it's reassuring, invigorating and so, so, so fulfilling to learn from someone who started before the age of social media and follows her path out of a genuine love for it.mI can't recommend Kristen enough.

- Sophie Berard